apartment in madero center
apartment in madero center
Puerto Madero I City of Buenos Aires
interior architecture: Arq. Jorge Muradas
interior design: Estudio Muradas
ph: Daniela Mac Adden
digital retoucher: Silvia Cardozo
texts: Sol Dellepiane

This amazing apartment, located in a building set in one of Buenos Aires’ newest neighborhoods, was redesigned by the Studio. The guiding principle was to prioritize the fabulous river and city views. Read more

In this case, the Studio received a request to create everything almost from scratch in order to develop a complete renewal on this very spacious 450 square meter apartment. Walls were torn down, bathroom locations changed, rooms were switched around, everything that was needed to accommodate the needs of a married couple and their three children. Within the architectural style and interior design for which the Studio is well known, the goal was to generate continuity in the apartment, so as few elements as possible were used to seamlessly bring together the totality of the space. A good example of this is the American oak flooring that extends throughout the whole apartment, including the kitchen and the entrance hall. All equipment was custom-designed for each room, mostly made out the same wood. In the reception area two significant integrated sectors where designed, to exalt the extraordinary view granted by this apartment. There is a sense of being on the deck of a ship, enjoying the view from the dock, watching the boats go by, as well as observing some urban landmarks as if on a giant screen. Custom carpets extend along the whole home which features two art pieces by Pablo Siquier in the corners and a sculpture by Pablo Reinoso in the center. The large bedroom suites were built with the same materials found in the social area, once again with oak in a leading role. The kitchen was virtually subdivided into different sectors: the central area for cooking, with a family dining room to the side and, on the opposite end, an area to store dishes that is connected to the dining room. Unifying materials was also the concept at play here in the kitchen – the heart of the house- where the oak wood and lacquer finish furniture amplify the sense of uninterruptedness. All the huge bathrooms were covered with Calacatta marble.