Jorge Muradas

In 1990, as soon as Jorge Muradas graduated as an architect from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (UNLP), he opened his own architecture and interior design studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For several years after graduation he served as a Professor at the Architectural Chair at UNLP. His first steps were taken in a partnership with Eliana Elesgaray, with whom he also participated in many exhibitions in the field. Among the awards obtained are gold medals for architecture and interior design at Casa Foa in 1999, 2009 and 2014, silver medals in the show in 1998 and 2007, a diploma for original design in 1999, an award for best applied art in 2009, a special mention in 2013, added to many other distinctions granted by companies participating in the exhibits. Jorge Muradas was also a member of the Comisión Directiva de DArA (Board of Associated Argentine Designers). He is frequently called upon to participate as a judge in competitions and is featured as a speaker at shows, conferences and institutions both in Buenos Aires and in the rest of the country.

Muradas Studio

With a career path spanning three decades and new headquarters in the Retiro neighborhood, the Studio  ?  spearheaded by JORGE MURADAS  ?  provides expertise in project design and the execution of residential architecture, both in country clubs as well as in the city and it also specializes in the design of commercial stores, offices and hotels. The studio is famous for its integral approach to construction which focuses on consistency between architecture and interior design. It is also well known for its neutral, elegant and timeless style. Besides working in Argentina, the Studio leads projects in Uruguay and the United States.

Muradas Studio was selected among the top 100 studios by Architectural Digest – AD Mexico and Latinamerica in its 2023 edition.

Acento Muradas

Acento Muradas is the new furniture and design objects store, in the Retiro neighborhood, created by architect Jorge Muradas.

Located on Juncal 748, the store offers the Studio’s exclusive designs as well as original furniture by Brazilian designer Sergio Rodrigues, and signature George Nelson lamps. Wood, marble, natural textiles and neutral colors ? the hallmarks of the Muradas brand ? can all be found at the new store. Two towers by Cristian Mohamed are included in the ensemble, next to artwork by artist Eduardo Hoffmann and sculpture by Jorge Gamarra.

Additionally, Acento Muradas carries a whole fashion line of clothing and accessories. These are unique pieces by designer Adrián Gonzalez and a selection of books on design, fashion and lifestyle. The Studio also has offices here, specializing in architectural projects and their execution, both in residential and commercial interior design.