saint george’s college boarding house
saint george’s college boarding house
Quilmes | Province of Buenos Aires
renders: Pablo Alves de Lima

This project consisted in remodeling a historic boarding house, in a building with a characteristic English style, carried out through architecture which manages to integrate a traditional past with a visionary future. Read more

At one of the most traditional English schools in the country, Jorge Muradas was in charge of a project which sought to accommodate new functions in an older building for boarding school students. Recovering the splendor of the original construction and projecting it towards the future were the main objectives of this assignment. With the original construction as a reference point, the successive interventions, which had been chipping away at the harmony and balance the house offered in its origins, had to be undone. The main goals entailed going back to the typical classic symmetry by reconstructing one wing altogether, reestablishing the original courtyards while extending the building through a new area that respected the spirit of the whole; all within a contemporary framework that took history into account, transforming it into a legacy that will come to life for new generations. The result was a building with a classic layout consisting of four faces and two internal courtyards, clean and functional, with naturally lit spaces. This project is a clear case of architecture reflecting the spirit of this institution: tradition and a vision for the future.