apartment in quartier
apartment in quartier
Punta Ballena I Maldonado | Uruguay
ph: Daniela Mac Adden
digital retoucher: Silvia Cardozo

In a building with a terrace on every floor, where Punta Ballena slopes down into the sea, this interior design project shows the Studio’s skill for adaptability when it comes to getting the atmosphere right in beach homes. Read more

This construction is located in Quartier Punta Ballena, about 15 kilometers south of Punta del Este. The building serves as a great balcony over the sea, right on the natural slope sketched out by coast geography, taking advantage of the breathtaking sunset views that the Mansa beach has to offer. On a horizontal layout that extends out into an ample terrace with walls made out of Uruguayan stone, this apartment, originally very well built, was in perfect shape, so the Studio concentrated on its proposal for the interior design. As is the usual procedure in these cases, the goal was to deliver an atmosphere with plenty of white. Wood was the chosen material to achieve a synthesis between refinement and coziness in a series of custom equipment. A blue and turquoise color scheme skillfully introduced the marine theme together with some elements in wicker such as the dining room lamp, purchased at Iluminación Agüero in Buenos Aires, and the Asian couch set in the master bedroom. Among the local stores that provided furniture and objects, two are worth naming: Marabierto and Occidente. One of the guidelines for the reform was to produce the maximum integration possible between the indoor unit and the terrace by prolonging the outdoor roof made of wood and canes which creates a semi-covered area ideal for sunny days, cool afternoon and windy nights. Through this additional area gained from the outdoors, this apartment acquired new dimensions and ended up blending into the spectacular marine surroundings.