living room – dining room
living room – dining room
casa foa 2004
arq. jorge muradas – eliana elesgaray
ph: Claudio Sala
Adela Aldama

After searching to recreate a personal style - inspired by a reservoir full of memories, knowledge and experiences- the final version reached was a style exuding an elegant, contemporary lifestyle. A place that represents the identity and the universe of its dweller. Read more

This project is the result of a simplification process that found its own order when it reached an equilibrium point. A pure and neutral space, where autonomously introduced elements end up establishing an interconnection with each other. Based on an essential minimalist concept, space was subtracted from space itself. Consequentially, the library is integrated into the wall, forming a part of it, just like the empty space created by the fireplace; everything contributes to creating a smooth, unified room.