room for a young man
room for a young man
casa foa 2002 - first mention
arq. jorge muradas – eliana elesgaray
ph: Adela Aldama

The almost fully square-shaped space was resolved through the use of a central module consisting of a “bed/desk”, with different functionalities, developed on each side. Appropriately, the unseen side when facing the front, holds the book shelves, in correspondence with the strategic location of the desk, which receives natural light. The sofa-bed faces a shelf- module that holds the sound system. Read more

The room is divided into two areas, marked off by circulation, so on one side you have the study and relaxation area, and on the other a variety of modules used to store clothing. A lateral wall, treated with paneling, forming rectangular modules, uses assorted types of wood (MASISA) in the presentation of a new collection. The furniture is made out of Niagara Oak (a new MASISA product), the side made of glass is a type of curtain-wall, it is completely covered by wooden shutters (LULAFLEX) in panels that filter in natural light and allow for regulation. Floors, walls and ceilings were given the same color and texture treatment.