dinning room
dinning room
casa mater 2007 chile
arq. jorge muradas – eliana elesgaray
ph: Sebastián Sepúlveda

The intervened space consists of a prism; its largest face was developed in a vertical sense. Read more

Subject: Dining Room Project Goals: • To bring out the verticality, treating the walls as if they were a unit, covering them with aluminum grey melamine plates, broken down into modules for this purpose. • To duplicate the space, by covering the opposite wall to the access with mirrored plates; in modules similar to the ones on the other walls, with visuals coming from the outdoors. The overall design and the location of the furniture reinforced this intention. • To create a scaled environment, by strategically placing two vertically striped canvases at eye level, in accompaniment of the central space, as they accentuate the direction of the floor plan, a direction which is extended across the mirrors. • Choice of materials, aiming at increasing the evaluation of the space, also materializing the space by resorting to the very unique use of melamine plates. Coating and furniture were designed to showcase nine different colors, three of which are exclusive colors created by Masisa Chile for Casa Mater.