casa foa 2013 - special mention
arq. jorge muradas – eliana elesgaray
ph: Adela Aldama

Alejandro Bustillo, was the creator of the Tornquist Bank, an architectural treasure that embodies his neo-classical, historicist style. This National Historic Monument has undergone modifications throughout its 85 years in existence, and our studio had the privilege of choosing one of the spaces where the original style had been preserved. Read more

Our proposed intervention honors the building’s eclectic architecture, and actually enhances it by incorporating contemporary elements, which clearly contrast with the pre-existing ornamentation on the walls, doors and ceiling. The elements chosen to interact within this space were selected with great precision, picked by their potential to impose a specific mark on the place. Each element balances out the rest, creating a calm atmosphere in a symmetrical space. These elements are: metallic porticos which frame the openings, artwork by the prestigious visual artist Pablo Siquier, a grand rug designed by our studio, a DS600 sofa – a classic 1970’s design piece – and finally, a chandelier made out of a series of modern table lamps. Our project entailed a spatial intervention which kept the original architecture intact, further restoring and highlighting it through the inclusion of new elements that add value to the essence of the building and update its original splendor.