casa foa 2009 - gold medal
arq. jorge muradas – eliana elesgaray
ph: Adela Aldama

This space was developed after a previous Casa Foa intervention carried out by the studio. For this new edition, we thought reinterpreting the whole project was an interesting challenge. Read more

Our philosophy is to respect the architectural box whenever we engage in the intervention of a space. Our modus operandi is to create neutral boxes, devoid of accessorial elements, where part of the equipment is integrated into the walls. This project became a clear exponent of our philosophy and it allowed us to showcase our permanent objectives: dynamic spaces which foster multiple activities. A place created for intimacy, where you can relax, read a book, listen to music or preside a business meeting. The floor plan is simple and flexible, where elements can change places without causing the space to lose its identity. Two planes with great character define this space: one contains the large, lineal, library while the other plane is delimited by the Pablo Siquier mural adding a touch of great personality.